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Monday, August 22, 2005


Ahh, this five month vacation from blogging has refreshed me. I am therefore back with more to titillate your sleepy brains slowly withering away in the summer heat....

First of all, let's take a look at our subject matter: frogland. The little frenchies are pessimistic about tomorrow says their main media outlet. Check this out: http://news.tf1.fr/news/economie/0,,3238479,00.html

The french have it so "good", with their three months vacations, free healthcare (or is it free?), free education, etc. that they can't seem to see what really matters in this world and what the real causes of their anguish are.

The stunted french [they don't deserve a capital letter in my book] society has reached the summit of ridicule. 38% of the french [small f] feel more pessimistic about their own futures and that of their little tadpoles according to a 2004 (just published) french Department of Labor study. The study goes on to specify that the most worried segment of society are the 'working' adults, which means the 24-64 olds. Those who actually have to-sort of-make a living.

What a surprise! The college kids and the retired are not as worried about the future as working adults! You do indeed need a multi-million dollar government study to figure that out! Long live the french bureaucrat! (Which is a synonym of what went wrong with the evolution theory...)

The study states that 41% of our little froggie geniuses think that poverty and joblessness are caused by...you guessed it! BUSINESSES!!!! What circus do these guys live in? Businesses let people go, therefore businesses cause unemployment and poverty... I swear, we should get rid of that Alan Greenspan character and let these championship clowns run our economy... Their reasoning is akin to saying: "people in hospitals are sick and die, therefore hospitals make you sick and kill people". While this may occasionally be true, it should not reflect the reasoning skills of 41% of the members of the society ofluminaries that france [still no capital f] purports itself to be.

The truth is that taxes are too high, government regulations are too pervasive and suffocating, corruption is rampant in the highest spheres of government, interest rates are too high, taxes on businesses, including the ridiculously high contributions businesses have to make to the government health system stifle business and job creations, labor unions only represent themselves and oppose any constructive and practical solutions to production and labor problems and advance an antiquated marxist model... the list goes on and on...But Shoosh! don't you dare saying that in the froggie media lest risking something that would make "Mississippi Burning" look like an innocent day in the countryside. What else would you expect from people who spat, yes actually SPAT on Lance Armstrong as he was racing by during the last tour de france?

The European Community dream is also wearing thin, the number of froggies, seeing the European Community as a solution to the bankrupcy of their government services dropped by 10% between 2002 and 2004. Are some froggies eating their fish and starting to think?

Definitely, the only ray of ligth in the froggie's dreary life is the intense barrage of anti-americanism they are fed day-in and day-out in their media. Their hopes are brought up thinking that America is sinking in poverty, crime and despair, eventhough the latest available polls show Americans to be much more optimistic than the froggies. See: http://www.harrisinteractive.com/harris_poll/index.asp?PID=585

That's All Folks! As you see, little has changed after taking the pulse of frogland five months later.

I'll be back with more brain drano soon.

Su servidor,