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Friday, January 14, 2005

Translation of the post below....Enjoy

If the Americans don’t donate enough money, they are criticized and held to be Scrooges. If the Americans donate a lot of money, they are criticized and it is thought that they do so to appease their consicence or to get into the afflicted populations’ good graces. If Bush only thinks of the Americans, its ignominious. If Bush only thinks about the non-Americans, its intolerable. What I like about the greatness of the French’s humanist spirit (also known as Franchoullardise) is their consistency in interpreting the facts. Whatever the Americans do, they are wrong. The implication is that whatever the French think, they are right (Please note that it has been a long time since the French have lost any ability to DO, therefore, to BE they THINK…Thanks to Descartes) So, they whip out their criticism…unfortunately falling into childish simplicity. Because life is simple when it is reduced to clamoring dogmas learned in 10 seconds. Hurray for the nice French people, death to the mean Yanks… Furthermore, it is accessible to any demagogue whose only purpose is either to sell CDs or to get re-elected in the next election, or to attact viewers for his TV show or even to get people to read his brand new book (anti-American, which by this sole virtue is insightful and enriching). I damn therefore I am. Nice encounter between Descartes and Goebbels thus cementing the basis of the new French humanism


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