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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ten Questions which would instill terror in a French history teacher

1) Why do we find the bloodiest and most corrupted regimes in the former French colonies? (Cambodge, French Indo-China, Central African Republic, Niger, Togo, Haiti etc…)

2) Why does France support those regimes to this day with
consequent economic subsidies which are then diverted to the Swiss bank accounts of those governants or are recycled in part into the campaign funds of French political parties? (The vast majority of the 21 French-speaking African countries are brutal dictatorships supported by France)

3) Why did Mitterrand (former president and national hero) work with the Vichy regime of Marshal Petain (a Hitler collaborator)?
“ Francois Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand was born on October 26, 1916, the son of a railroad stationmaster. During World War II, Mitterrand was a soldier, then a prisoner of war. Later, he was a clerk in the Vichy government and after the Germans occupied the Vichy zone, Mitterrand formed a Resistance group in the spring of1943.A recent biography revealed Mitterrand flirted with fascism as a young man and was also, for a time, an admirer of the pro-Nazi collaborationist leader Marchal Petain”
The author indicated that Mitterrand himself has NEVER hidden that fact and that he even helped the author with his research. (Mitterrand was also par of the famed “Resistance”, sure, not before 1943, it’s amazing how history is full of Nazi collaborators who became last minute heros of the “Resistance”). This is none other than the proverbial selective memory of the French at work here, just as much as censorship implemented by the whole leftist machine which controls the press, the media and education.

4) Why is it that Mitterrand, who had tapped the phones of the most prominent French journalists and other VIPs, whas never charged, judged or anything else while Richard Nixon in the U.S. was practically forced to resign because of a murky breaking into the national Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building and subsequent cover up???

Well the Watergate was small potatoes compared to the “Mitterrandgate”. Do I need to mention how Mitterrand had Greepeace’s Rainbow Warrior sunk in New Zealand so the France could peacefully continue the nuclear destruction of the Mururoa Atolls which populations ware evacuated and exiled…and many other dirty tricks he played on the French people and the rest of the world. (AIDS contaminated blood scandals, political and financial scandals)

5) Why does the history curriculum of the French ministry of education concentrates almost exclusively on Ancient History, the kings, the French revolution, the empire, the 100 year war, Napoleon, WWI, and so little on modern history??
But my child, it’s because only historical hindsight allows you to gain an impartial view of history..My a_ _ ! It’s more convenient that way, the old timers who lived through those events are not there any more to talk about it…and everything can be manipulated to one’s advantage.

6) Why are Senators, in France, elected by an electoral college constituted exclusively of politicians (rotten politicians that is) and not by the people like in the United States???

But my child, in the United States, the PRESIDENT, is elected by an electoral college…Yes, but in the States, the electoral college is not necessarily constituted exclusively of politicians, furthermore, every state of the Union has an equal number of Electors for each party, and the party which received the most votes FROM THE PEOPLE wins the votes of all the electors for that state. It’s not some sort of sham like in France where the office of Senator is a quasi lifetime post and a side track for politicians who LOST general elections. i.e Dominique Voynet, Chalres Pasqua etc., who besides their fat salaries, personal chauffeur, luxurious housing, elite security etc. also benefit from parliamentary immunity from prosecution…This is Democracy a la French.

7) Why did France sell nuclear reactors capable of enriching uranium to Saddam Hussein??? (Osirak reactors, which were developed thanks to a technological exchange program between the U.S. and their purported ally, France.)

But my child, these reactors have a peaceful purpose, to produce electricity.
But, teacher, why would a country with the second largest reserves of crude oil in the world and who could burn all the oil they wanted for FREE to produce electricity, would spend billions to build water-hungry nuclear plants in a desert?? (We are in the same shit with Iran now…) This does not make sense!
That’s exactly what Israel thought and that’s why Mossad agents
destroyed these reactors in the port hangars of Marseille where they were
awaiting shipment to Iraq. This is how the building of the Bomb in Iraq was
averted. In spite of this, France still financed the construction of two nuclear plants there (with reactors which could not enrich uranium this time around). These nuclear plants were later bombed by U.S. and Israeli planes in 1991 and 2003. Watch out for the kickbacks which greatly helped the financing of the political campaigns of our dear president Chirac, a intimate friend of Saddam since their first meeting in 1974. French arm sales to Irak (over 20 billion dollars) fed Dassault Industries [The major French defense equipment manufacturer] and also filled the coffers of Chirac’s RPR (Assembly for the Republic) party while the Mitterrand’s socialist part financed itself with Urbat-Gracco [A front construction company operated by the socialist part which obtained public work contracts for the firm which over-billed the government and then siphoned the difference to the Socialist Party]

8) Why did France help the bloodthirsty Hutus in Rwanda??
See: http://www.franksmyth.com/clients/FrankSmyth/frankS.nsf/0/d261b03aec46b48185256b7b00790670?OpenDocument and also http://www.ipsnews.net/interna.asp?idnews=23212 for an answer… French arms exports combined with countering the “Anglo-Saxon” influence in this part of Africa was well worth a few hundred thousand innocent lives…

9) Why is it that in France, we always talk about Americans and oil, and NEVER of France and Oil?? After all, wasn’t it France, through Elf [The major French oil company, partly owned by the French government] which had juicy oil deals with Saddam’s Iraq?? (See http://www.monde-diplomatique.fr/cahier/irak/repriseactivite-petrole (Please note that Elf as a government-private sector joint venture is under French governmental control, unlike American oil companies in which the U.S. government do not own any stake. You can play around with a little research on the relationships between Elf and the French government. http://www.rfi.fr/Fichiers/evenements/elf/index.asp You must read the book by Eva Joly (Former Judge who was forced to return to her native Norway after dealing with the Elf scandal) See http://www.acontresens.com/livres/15.html (Available on Amazon France.)
Another juicy oil scandal is appearing on the horizon with the buddy-buddy relationship between the French Italian oil concern Total-Fina with the dictatorship in Burma (Myanmar) See http://burma.total.com/en/contexte/p_1_2.htm (And they boast about it!!! and http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/total.html and finallyhttp://www.guardian.co.uk/burma/story/0,13373,1325033,00.html

10) Why is it that when the French discuss the Viet Nam war in history class, the REAL causes of the war linked to the French colonization of that country are not mentioned ? Tell me about the bloody repression of the communists there by the French army on June 17, 1930, tell me about Admiral Jean Decoux , named at the helm of Viet Nam by the Vichy government??? See http://www.hotkey.net.au/~marshalle/chrono1/chrono1.htmFor the grand finale, go to this website: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jacques.morel67/ccfo/crimcol.pdf and download this excellent document of french conscience outside its borders (112 pages) and rattle off the long chronological list to your teacher, and ask him/her to give you details about it, he/she will at first be speechless, her/his lower lip trembling, then will tell you in a piercing tone “where did you find this ?”, “This does not come from a reliable source !” “You would be better off to study the government issued textbooks!” Yeah right! Don’t think outside the approved boundaries, ‘cause you would be risking a hard fall (To be translated by discovering the truth) This being said, to graduate from High School, regurgitate what they have taught you, otherwise “they” will cut you down. Just keep the defiant smile of the one who knows more than the sheep seated beside him.

I recommend the following books” MONTALDO (Jean). Mitterand et les 40 voleurs... Paris, Albin Michel (1994) (available at Amazon France, of course)Est-ce dans ce monde là que nous voulons vivre ?de Eva Joly, Chez Folio (Amazon France)La Machine à trahir : Rapport sur le délabrement de nos institutionsde Arnaud Montebourg Chez Folio (Amazon France)L'obsession anti-américaine : Son fonctionnement - Ses causes - Ses inconséquencesde Jean-François Revelhttp://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/2266133403/qid=1109405748/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i1_xgl/171-0976053-1619460And if you feel you can read in EnglishThe French Betrayal of Americaby KENNETH R. TIMMERMAN (Available on Amazon.com)http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/1400053668/qid=1109405696/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i1_xgl/171-0976053-1619460

You must have noticed by now that almost all of the articles and other sources cited above are written in English. There is a reason behind that… it’s called censorship through the media and governmental pressure and the unique train of though acceptable to French society which results from that. This being said, they will tirelessly tell you that the U.S. are not innocents. Which is true in some regards, the CIA, the U.S. Armed forces have also been involved in unsavory actions, the difference being that in the U.S. official censorship is practically non-existent, such matters are discussed, scrutinized to death in the U.S. The sources discussing these matters are countless and very accurate. The shocking hypocrisy so characteristic of France, its complete inability to self-criticize is what I am trying to make apparent here. If you are up for it, I can also steer you towards some excellent sources regarding the secret wars of the CIA and other topics. Be careful when you ask these questions to your teachers, I cannot offer any guarantee as to their reactions no the grades which will result.. Believe me, been there, done that…
That’s about it.
Take care and let me know what you think of all that.



At 6:42 PM, Blogger ic said...

I bet at the back of their mind, the French knew. That's why they are so depressed. In the U.S. when things don't work, like an overheated economy, an over reached administration, we let them die, then we rebuild. Pity the French who only dream of past glory which was not that glorious in the first place. They don't let the past die, and everybody is dying a slow death with it. It's hard to ask the 'peasants' to sacrifice their 35 hr work week, and welfare payment, while the 'aristocrats' live like Louis XVI (pardon me if I get those Roman numerals wrong). Pity the Euros who are following the French like lemmings off the cliff. I especially feel sorry for the Brits.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Kosmopolit said...

Interesting questions.

Thanks, EVL.


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